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Screen Printing Phoenix Arizona Style – Fortoul Brothers project Don Julio screen printed bags

Screen Printing Phoenix – Fortoul Brothers Project

Jurassic Prints screen printing Phoenix Arizona recently worked on another project with the

Fortoul Brothers.  Involving hand painted bottles of Don Julio Tequila while Jurassic Prints screen printed paper lunch bags with the Fortoul’s artwork.

It’s not always easy to find quality screen printing in phoenix Arizona. The Fortoul Brothers found Jurassic Prints long ago while bring us there most demanding screen print projects.  Being artists they want and understand the need for quality. We have been able to screen print t-shirts and posters for the Fortoul’s involvement with Form at Arconsati.

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Screen printing Phoenix with style is what Jurassic Prints enjoys the most.  Being challenged with screen print projects like the Fortoul Brother’s, quick turn around while maintaining top quality screen prints, is our goal for every client.

Demand that your screen printer produces quality work like Jurassic Prints will provide time after time.

Screen Printing Phoenix – Fortoul Brothers Project

Here is where we layout the technical side of this screen print project.  Printed on paper bags supplied by the client about the size of a lunch bag.  Issue with job was printing both sides of the paper lunch bags because of a seam running the vertical length of one side of the bag.  Both sides of the bags got 2-color screen prints as well. We could only produce about a 2 pt trap due to the designs we started with.  That is not a lot of play when printing on something like this.  Between the gig and having to stuff every bag with an insert this was a two man job. If you like to watch a video of part of the process go here.

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