One thing I see most often advertised by Screen printers is, “No Setup Fees”. As a consumer I may think to myself, what a savings on my screen prints, right? It would be great if it really was a great savings. In the long run, depending on the type of business and screen print needs you have. It will cost you far more to not be paying set-up fees.

These real costs don’t disappear because they say they don’t charge you. As a matter of fact the majority of all the time consumed to screen print a design is getting the job to press, or “setup” the job. In one way or another a screen printer must recover those costs. So if they don’t charge it up front as a separate charge from your printing and apparel. Guaranteed that cost is build into your apparel and screen print costs.

Here at Jurassic Screen Print we still charge this price up front. As a one time charge for our custom screen print clients. If you reprint your apparel often it will work in your favor to not have those costs still hidden in the print price. If they didn’t “charge” it the first time, they will be now. The cost just never goes away. The reason we do this is because there are certain steps of the set-up process that are not always repeated. When you return to order more of a design that is “setup” it means you will pay a lower print price.

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Screen printing Screen Print Washout both and Screens

When we don’t need to produce new art or print the films again. when it doesn’t cost us, it shouldn’t cost you to set-up to screen print again.

With many of our customers who reprint their designs every few weeks, or months, we store their designs in screen for use again. This eliminates the time to prep a screen to be coated, exposed, washed out, dried and taped. The screens are always ready to be put on press and printed. Again, if it doesn’t cost us, it should cost you to set-up to screen print again.

So if you own or run a business, clothing company, or anyone that does reprinted screen printed goods, you should always steer toward a screen print company that separates set-ups, up front. Otherwise you may find yourself paying far more in the long run.

One other thing to consider. What it says about a screen printer that runs these set-up costs up front. This tells you that they plan to be there for you in the future. They want your return screen print business, not to drain your budget. This will help you to understand that the screen printer is much more established. Jurassic Prints has the equipment and materials needed to perform quickly and efficiently when our clients demand it.

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