• What is your typical turn around time?

    7 to 10 days is the normal turn around. You can chose to pay an express fee if you need something faster.

  • What is the minimum order?

    We have a 24 piece minimum, but


  • What is the difference between discharge, water based and plastisol inks?

    Plastisol has been the standard for garment printing, and probably the most commonly seen ink still used. It’s PVC based and doesn’t use dyes that change the color of the material. It sits on top of the fabric and therefor has a more textured feel. Water-based ink utilizes either dyes or pigments in a suspension, with water as the solvent. The water dissolves when cured and leaves behind a very soft hand. Discharge inks are similar to water based but used for darker garments. In short, it bleaches out the color of the shirt and replaces it with the color of the ink, again leaving behind a very soft hand.